Blackberry Application Development

Blackberry has been the trusted mobile device that is used widely and extensively in the business world. Its capabilities are respected and are renowned to the world over for its efficiency and stability. With advancements in other mobile devices and their Applications, Blackberry Applications too have experienced technological upgradations. BlackBerry Application Development needs a bit of consideration as it is intended to provide the right balance between the best possible user experience and a prolonged battery life. While developing BlackBerry Applications, it is to be kept in mind the specific characteristics of a mobile device which may primarily affect the application development process or approach. A few of these may be screen size, memory capacity, battery life and screen appearance, etc.

The BlackBerry Application Development platform provides access to an ever-growing customer base for the BlackBerry Smartphone including businesses as well as individuals. Thus, with the BlackBerry Smartphone, the users have much more liberty and power to develop their own custom apps that will let them do much more with their Smartphones.

At W2WTS, our talented BlackBerry developers / programmers use their skills to use the industry standard tools such as Eclipse and Microsoft Visual Studio and a number of development approaches including Java and web. They leverage their knowledge and technical know-how to create well-designed bespoke applications for you. We will bring the best ideas and the most innovative solutions to all your Blackberry application needs.

Our Services for Application Development Include:
  • Blackberry Client/Server Application Development.
  • Blackberry Games Development.
  • Custom Blackberry Software Application Development.
  • Rich Multimedia Applications Development for Blackberry.
  • Blackberry Porting and Handset Testing Solutions.
  • J2ME to Blackberry Migration Services.
IPhone Application Development

Apple has revolutionized the art of communication with multi-touch interface of iphone that has captured the world of 3G technologies and has given a new meaning to the concept of staying connected. Its success is due to its flexibility, efficiency and the ease with which one can use this product.

In case you are looking for the right technology partner to develop iphone applications, W2WTS can help with our expertise and cost-effective services that help you make use of Apple's marvel with several iphone application idea.

Our Services for IPhone Application Development are:
  • Complete iPhone services: From Development to Promotion.
  • Collaboration from Concept Development to Feasibility Studies.
  • Guidance in App Developer Account set up & Approval process.
  • Customized iPhone App Marketing Services.
  • Diverse range of apps - Business, Gaming, Entertainment,Music etc.
  • Expertise in core Apple developer tools & framework.
  • Rich, interactive and creative apps.
  • Competitive pricing and minimum TTM.
Symbian Application Development

Symbian is a mobile operating system and computing platform for Smartphone's. The advantage of Symbian OS is its flexibility in design that can be run on almost any user interface, communication devices, mobile hardware, & under different networks like GSM, 3G, EDGE and more. As Symbian platform is open to developers for customization, W2WTS offers services under all Symbian platforms (S40,S60,S80,S90 and UIQ). W2WTS experienced developers team can develop, port and test and Symbian-based mobile applications.

Our Services for Symbian Application Development are:
  • Custom mobile applications for Symbian based Smartphones, mobile phones and PDAs.
  • Data Security enhancement apps for Symbian.
  • Data Security enhancement apps for Symbian.
  • Mobile e-commerce / online shopping apps.
  • Peer-to-peer mobile applications.
  • Navigational positioning, mapping and GPS-based Symbian applications.
  • Symbian based Client/Server Mobile applications development.
  • Custom web browsers and Media enhancements.
  • Bluetooth and Infra red-based apps.
  • Symbian based games and other media enhancement applications and software development.
  • Enhancement apps for phone-based services.
  • Instant Messenger / Email clients for Symbian Mobile phones.
  • Non-Symbian to Symbian apps Porting solutions (platform migration or Switching between device families).
  • Symbian software testing services.
Windows Mobile Application Development

Windows Mobile platform is a compact mobile operating system designed and developed by Microsoft exclusively for smartphones and mobile devices. Giving developers the scalability and variety of options in developing custom Windows Mobile applications, Windows platform remains as the most preferred platform for both technical and non-technical people.

W2WTS Windows Mobile experts have experience in programming the touch screen to developing applications that use the accelerometer in the Windows Mobile Phones. With our experience on the Windows DirectX, our app developers can render complete 3D solutions for Windows Mobile applications and games employing the DirectX and DirectDraw APIs. And under Windows Live platform, we can offer applications with features that may enhance the GPS and Microsoft Virtual Earth Maps.

W2WTS Window Mobile Application Development Services include:
  • Utility apps (Mobile Anti-virus, A-GPS/GPS apps).
  • Media enhancement apps (WMP plug-ins, image editors, accelerometer-based apps.
  • Apps with rich API support (Bluetooth).
  • Pocket Outlook managers and enhancements for Microsoft Office Mobile.
  • Task Management enhancing apps.
  • And other productivity apps and more Windows Mobile games.
  • Seamless data connectivity apps.
Android Application Development

Android is the first free, open, and fully customizable mobile platform that acts as a complete framework for mobile devices, which essentially includes an operating system, middleware, and applications. Developed by Google and Open Handset Alliance, Android is built upon the Linux Kernel. One of the foremost reasons why Android has gained significant popularity in the recent times is because it is Open Source, which allows the developers to access the Android source code and build innovative Android phone applications just by downloading the Android SDK.

With W2WTS you can invest in Android phones by building an application that is of premium quality and targets your audience. We'll help you design a creative and innovative application that delivers your message in an out-of-the-box method. Let us help you reach your goals with the android.

Our services for Android are:
  • Multimedia applications.
  • GPS Navigation and Travel Guides.
  • Utilities.
  • Games.
  • Barcode Scanning solutions.
J2ME Mobile Application Development

Java Platform, Micro Edition, or Java ME is known to be the most ubiquitous application platform optimized for mobile devices and embedded systems like Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), set-top boxes, and printers. One of the major benefits offered by Java technology and Java ME is platform independence, which reduces the complications involved in portability to a large extent. Another important benefit in developing applications on Java technology is its automatic garbage collection feature that allows developers to focus on the application logic rather than memory management.

W2WTS has achieved notable expertise on J2ME by developing ingenious Java mobile applications on BlackBerry, performing successful porting of Java applications on other platforms, and incorporating advanced features like Bluetooth, WAP, GPRS, and Location Based Services in J2ME applications.

Our services for J2ME are:
  • Feature-rich Multimedia.
  • Business.
  • Image capturing.
  • Personal Assistance.
  • Health & Fitness.
  • Creative Gaming.

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