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The most reliable and easy-to-use backup for businesses of all sizes. A Single Solution to Backup, Disaster Recovery and File Sync & Share Services. Acronis delivers the best data protection and disaster recovery for virtual, physical, mobile and cloud environments.
Acronis solutions include physical, virtual, and cloud server backup software, storage management, secure file sharing, and system deployment. Powered by the Acronis AnyData Engine, Acronis products provide easy, complete, and safe solutions for data in local, remote, cloud, and mobile devices. When it comes to new generation data protection, Acronis is the undisputed leader.

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Why Acronis Backup Cloud

  • Lower total cost of Ownership -
    A cloud backup, recovery and restore solution takes advantage of your existing infrastructure, so you don't need to buy or install expensive equipment. Cloud backup software integrates with IT environments to locate and prioritize files for backup, and then securely transmits encrypted copies of those files to offsite data centers. This results in a lower total cost of ownership compared to the purchase and maintenance of complex tape backup systems.

  • Improved reliability and speed of recovery -
    Having a backup solution is meaningless without a rapid and reliable method of recovering and restoring data. A cloud backup and recovery solution instantly restores data regardless of your location, including individual files, the most common type of data recovery. By working with a managed service provider, you can establish Recovery Time Objectives and Recovery Point Objectives that match your business requirements.

  • More secure method of file transfer -
    Files selected for backup are encrypted before transmission to a cloud vault and remain encrypted once they reach their destination. The only decryption key resides with the customer, and these safeguards are superior to unencrypted on premise data backup and recovery systems.

  • Reduced operating and administrative costs -
    Once you select a backup schedule, company data is saved automatically, providing an unobtrusive and transparent solution. This “set it and forget it” model results in less operational and administrative management for data backup.

  • Smarter use of IT resources -
    A cloud backup, recovery and restore solution allows your business to redirect IT resources to more pressing challenges or strategic initiatives within your organization. The built-in scalability of cloud backup makes it easy to evolve as your business data environment grows and changes.

  • Stronger compliance safeguards -
    Although your company will continue to assume liability for data security when moving to cloud backup, a provider using multiple data centers that are geographically diverse can offer a backup solution with more reliability and redundancy than tape back.

  • Eliminates the shortcomings of tape backup -
    Tape backups are often expensive, vulnerable to obsolescence and can be lost or stolen when being transported off-site. Also, recovering data from a tape system can be slow process, especially if a tape needs to be retrieved from an off-site vault.

  • Data Protection for Endpoint Devices -
    As more and more employees are creating and storing corporate data on laptops, tablets and smartphones, cloud-based data protection solutions enables you to back up the data to a central repository in the event that these devices are lost or stolen. Cloud backup solutions provide data loss prevention such as geo-location and remote wipe capabilities allowing organizations to find the devices and remote wipe the data if needed for corporate data security.

  • Cloud-based Data Protection for Data Born in the Cloud -
    Traditional data protection solutions are not able to backup and recovery data born in SaaS-based applications such as Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps and As the trend continues to adopt SaaS based applications for ease of deployment and budgetary considerations, cloud backup enables you to protect against outages and data loss.

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