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SMS high-resolution images/photos, flyers, banners, animated ads, high graphic advertisements and larger files like PDFs, word excel, powerpoint etc, make goups and chat with them, share audio clips like whatsapp, know when messages are read, or make video calls etc. All this is possible with RCS a advanced form of SMS Messaging.
For example, our cutting-edge AI and chatbots can easily provide your customers with information, validate people’s accounts, and perform transactions on your behalf. Many companies already use bots or similar software for these purposes today, reducing their staff’s workload and keeping their amount of salaried staff to a minimum. Automation is the future, and we want our customers to take advantage of the savings and convenience that this kind of automation and AI can offer them.

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AI Voice Chat

Our AI bots support both voice chat and text chat in multiple languages, including English, Arabic, Hindi, Malayali, and much more. This multilingual versatility is what makes our bots such powerful tools – your company is able to communicate with customers from all over the world with ease, performing transactions and tasks while corresponding with your customers in their preferred language. This not only makes things easier and more efficient – it allows your customers to have a better experience and walk away with 100% customer satisfaction.
Our Bots work by natural language processing and machine learning technologies to understand user questions and requests, and address them like a Human Robot
The AI bots and chatbots we develop can be custom-made according to your company’s needs, enabling you to ensure that your customers’ and staff’s needs are being met by your AI system. Effective bot use can increase customer satisfaction at your touchpoints, give your staff more time to conduct more pressing work, and streamline your overall operational workflow. At the end of the day, if a task can easily be carried out by an AI bot, then why not save your human workers the time and allow them to conduct more important work?

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Why AI

As we drive further into the digital age, solutions such as chat bots and AI interfaces are only going to become more commonplace. It is therefore essential that your company doesn’t get left behind! If you think that your company could reduce its bottlenecks and increase its efficiency by employing bespoke advanced AI and chatbot technology, why not get in touch with our dedicated team today and find out more?

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