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Java Platform Software Development

W2WTS is also recognized for its expertise in Java based Software development, our Java platform consulting and software development solutions and services provide full support at every stage of software development projects life-cycle from ideas, planning and architecture to implementation and delivery. We provide project design and development services that can utilize efficiently the services available from Java application servers and the J2EE framework, including Struts, Servlets and Java Server Pages (JSPs), Enterprise JavaBeans (EJBs), Java's Messaging Services and JDBC. Our technical expertise includes:

J2EE & J2EE Design Patterns

W2WTS develops actively web-applications using various application servers and web-containers.

JDBC, SQL server (Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, DB2)

It is difficult to imagine a complicated application without an enterprise database and we have worked with different DBMSes - from MySQL and PostgeSQL, DB2 to Oracle and MS SQL Server.


This platform provides a convenient and flexible environment for applications running on hand held devices such as mobile phones or PDAs.

Separation of business logic from the presentation layer:

Almost all Java based web-applications(websites,WAP-sites etc) developed by us are based on enhanced technologies, such as Struts, Velocity etc. Their usage allows us avoiding excessive dependence on java-code in JSP pages and to separate business/core logic from the presentation layer/HTML

  • Development on J2EE-compliant application servers, including BEA WebLogic and IBM WebSphere
  • B2B Integration (ebXML, SOAP)
  • Expert knowledge on Entity, Session and Message Beans
  • JSP & Servlets
  • JMS
  • Web services

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It's great to deal with an organization that is so responsive to the customer's needs. Delivers results in a timely manner and is willing to make the process so easy and effortlessly. I will certainly do business with W2WTS.COM again

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Andy law ceo

Fully satisfactory solution which has boosted not just my organization; but also gave me a way of thinking to achieve what we deserve.

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jason regional manager

W2WTS is the best ever tech company I have seen. Outstanding performance, support and response always with 1000% suitable solution. Very much cost Inexpensive.

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muhammed ceo

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